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Welcome to my Southern Blessed Chaos!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Shannon Dewease and I grew up in a little town called Purvis, MS.  I don't know much about Southern Belles but I am most definitely a Southern gal! 
I grew up at a time when your neighbors knew your name and came to check on you if they haven't seen you outside working on your flower beds recently. Those same neighbors would, also, call you to let you know that their peas or corn was ready. So you would grab your bucket and head on over to share the bounty. It was a time when front doors and cars were left unlocked, the screen doors had a squeak then that bang when shut, Grandmas always wore aprons, and hearing the crickets at night was all you needed to sleep.
Ahh... I love the South and those memories of bygone days. And those days are definitely gone.  Don't get me wrong! I love my air conditioner, my cell phone, and, well, all the luxuries of today!  But everything is so much faster, sleeker, rushed, and chaotic!  It seems that the…
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Its an Inside Campout Party!

The week after the Christmas holidays is always such a crazy hectic time for us. The kids return to school and struggle getting back on schedule. I, too, have a hard time setting that alarm clock and not just sleeping in. The week is exhausting physically and mentally. The weekend can not get here fast enough! I'm sure most of you can relate, right?! To top off that exhausting week, my husband has an annual overnight trip out of town. The first year that this came up, the kids were devastated, as was I! After the week we just had, I have to handle the weekend by myself, too?! 

Now, my kids are in tears (and I am close!) and I need to get back in control quick. So, I asked was there anything special that they would like to do while Daddy is gone. They both light up, stop the tears, and reply enthusiastically, "Camping!"
Really?! I mean, REALLY?!
First off, it's the 2nd week of January and my toes haven't thawed out since Christmas because of the cold. 


My New Years Resolutions Top 5 Fails

It's that time of year again. New Years... a time of renewal, another chance, a fresh start. And the time for those darn New Year Resolutions! Yep, I use to think and ponder, and come up with the best lists possible to improve upon and reach those higher goals for the upcoming new year. I USED to do it. After years of setting unachievable goals, I gave up. Yes, I know, I'm a quitter and a failure.
But here's why I quit setting these ridiculous ideals that never seemed to pan out! I present to you, a countdown of my top 5 resolution fails!

Twas the Night After Christmas

So, a couple of nights after Christmas, I suddenly realized that I had been watching TV uninterrupted for over an hour. And it wasn't Sesame Street or SpongeBob! Now, this is an unheard of event in my house! It was a big deal!

I was so inspired by this rate occurrence, that I started writing about it. And here is what I came up with! I think most Mamas can relate. Hope you enjoy it!

Twas the night after Christmas and all through the South Not a single kid was crying or fighting, not one opened their mouth.

All of their gifts were scattered across the room and the floor,  The room that was so clean and so bright not hours before.

Before the chaos, the frantic hurry, or the joy Of finding the one, the only, that just perfect special toy.

Yes, the special toy that turns little woes into merriment That special toy that the oh, so smart Santa sent.

The toy that turns frown into smiles and stops that annoying whine The toy that allows Mama a moment to herself and that glorious glass of…

The Ultimate One-Stop Shop, 49 Antique & Flea Market

You can find flea markets scattered all over the South. Some are warehouse size, some small, some cater to antiques only, some to homemade goods and resale items. But the one I revisited recently caters to everyone and has everything! All under one roof!

Right here just south of Hattiesburg, MS, stands the 49 Antique & Flea Market. Now this is your ultimate one-stop shop where you can find something for everyone (including yourself!) on your list!

The market has been a fixture here for years, and hosts a multitude of various vendors, over 200!

It is located at 19 Dewitt Carter Rd, directly across from Paul B. Johnson State Park on HWY 49. Nearby is Camp Shelby and a little further south would be our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. 
Open hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am - 5pm. Plan on spending a couple of hours, so you can see and visit with all the wonderful vendors on site! And don't worry if you get hungry or need some coffee, there is a cafe inside (I'…

Shhh...Dont Tell My Kids! I Still Believe in Santa

I do. I still believe in Santa.
Ok, ok...maybe not in the jolly Ole St. Nick delivering presents with his reindeer driven sleigh. I believe in the Christmas Spirit. I believe in the miracles of the season. I believe in the goodness of people's hearts. I believe in everlasting love.

I know it's hard to see the Christmas spirit in all the hustle and bustle this time of year. There are longer lines at the checkouts, sold out toys, and don't even get me started on the traffic delays!
But there is so much wonder to see if you look carefully, and listen with your heart!
I see kids eyes light up at getting that first glimpse of Santa at a Christmas parade.
I can see the cardinals coming in my backyard relishing in the seeds I left out for them.
I can hear my children sing along when a favorite Christmas carol plays on the radio.
I can smell the wonderful aroma of baking cookies, as we gather the icing and sprinkles to decorate.
I feel the warmth of the fire burning bright in the fi…