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Welcome to my Southern Blessed Chaos!

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Shannon Dewease and I grew up in a little town in South Mississippi.
I was born, however, in Louisiana. I guess you could say I was born a Cajun but raised a redneck!
Let's just say I'm a born and raised Southern country girl who loves her Southern roots! I grew up at a time when your neighbors knew your name and came to check on you if they haven't seen you outside working on your flower beds recently.

Those same neighbors would, also, call you to let you know that their peas or corn was ready. So you would grab your bucket and head on over to share the bounty.
It was a time when front doors and cars were left unlocked, the screen doors had a squeak then that bang when shut, Grandmas always wore aprons, and hearing the crickets at night was all you needed to sleep.

Ahh... I love the South and those memories of bygone days. And those days are definitely gone.
Don't get me wrong! I love my air conditioner, my cell phone, and, well...…
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Twelve Days of a Mom's Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year, but let's face a Mom it is so stressful, busy, and chaotic! Today I was sitting by the fire, taking a look at my beautiful Christmas tree and noticed a few decorations that were not Mom approved. My kids had their own definitions of decorations, as most kids do!

Taking it in, I thought about the 12 Days of Christmas, and how different it might have been if written by an exhausted, stressed, sleep deprived Mom.
So, in honor to all the Mom's out there who are fighting back the tears and nervous break downs that come with making the season bright for your little ones, this is for you! 

On the first day of Christmas my two kids gave to me: A frisbee stuck in our Christmas Tree! On the second day of Christmas my two kids gave to me: Two muddy shoes and a frisbee stuck in our Christmas Tree! On the third day of Christmas my two kids gave to me: Three French Fries (with ketchup!), Two muddy shoes, and a frisbee stuck in our Christmas Tree! On the fourth…

Lies and Secrets Parents Tell

You know what I'm talking about.

The little lies that sneak up when you are exhausted, frustrated, and just plain had it with parenting!

The little secrets we keep just to grab a moment or two just for ourselves?
No? Just me? Oh. 
I'm coming clean!

Ok, maybe not completely clean. A woman has to keep some secrets, right?!
Here they are in all their glory (in no particular order!)

My secrets, lies, and half truths that have saved my sanity at times!

"The __________ is closed today."

Now, I've used this one just recently!
We are at my sister's for the 4th of July fixing to head home just after sunset. Chad was just begging to go to the beach to see the fireworks, which we had done in the past.
Fireworks on the beach in South Mississippi is wonderful, however, you better get there 4 hours ahead of time to grab a parking space! So, without skipping a beat I told him, the beach was closed. Not being too sure if a tantrum was headed our way, I quickly appointed h…