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American Discord...Just a Southern Girl's Thoughts on the Virginia Shooting

After watching the horrible events unfold this morning, I can no longer be silent. I am not one to publicly debate politics or religion, and this post is about neither. Our country has been in discord for quite some time and seemingly, only getting worse. Now, you can blame Obama for that, or Trump, or Republicans, or Democrats, or global warming, or gay rights, or any number of hot political issues right now.

However, in my opinion, the blame can not be shouldered by an individual or a cause alone. But the blame should not be our focus here. The focus should be a solution to this discord.

Surprise Visit from a Newfound Friend

At our little house, our backyard consists of some beautifully wooded land. Someone with a lot of forethought cut out a few different trails that we have been exploring since we moved here. My kids, husband, and I love to walk these trails, particularly during Fall or Spring when the colors are changing so wonderfully!there is always something new to see or find at every turn. But this one particular day, something found us!