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9 (Free!) Fall Family Activities To Enjoy Right Now

It's Fall, Y'all! Oh yeah, I went there.
I am confident enough to use an outdated overly used phrase. But, hey, I'm from the South, and it is Fall...Y'all!
Finally​, my favorite season is upon us. I love everything about it! The seasonal colors, cool breezes, crisp leaves on the ground, and less mosquitoes! There are so many reasons to love Fall!
Of course, with the start of this majestic season, also, comes school expenses, fall wardrobe purchases, football games, school fundraisers, fall festivals, Halloween carnivals, etc! Everytime I turn around I am spending more money, which I don't have a lot to begin with.
So, how can you spend quality time with the kids without spending major dollars?
Let me tell you a few of my secrets! Just try some of these and pretty soon your kids (and you) will be loving this season and discovering the amazing bounty that Fall has to offer! All without spending a dime!
So, get out and enjoy it!
Take a walk!
Simple, I know. Don't …