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For my Son...19 Things I Love About You

19 years ago today, the most precious thing happened. I became a Mom. I can't believe how fast the years can fly by.

In honor of your birthday, Chad, I wanted to share 19 reasons that I love you with all my heart.

1. I love how I had to teach you to cry, but you came here already knowing how to laugh.

2. I love how you have showed all those people and doctors wrong and thrived full of life.

3. I love how resilient you are. No matter how many doctors or therapists you have had to see, you kept doing it with a smile.

4. I love your smile.

5. I love your turbo charged personality.

6. I love how you always have something funny to say.

7. I love your laugh.

8. I love your goofy sense of humor.

9. I love your amazing talent of being able to stretch your ears out.

10. I love your clowning around.

11. I love how no one's watermelon is safe around you.

12. I love your country boy style.

13. I love how you find joy in the simple things.

Top 5 Worst Valentine's Gifts from my Sweet Husband

I have been married to my husband for 21 wonderful blissful years! In today's world and statistics, that's quite an accomplishment. Thru those years the holidays have been so magical, memorable, and loving.
Except one...Valentine's Day. If Barry had an arch nemesis, it would be Saint Valentine. As sweet as he can be for some reason on this one day, he becomes clueless mess.
The first year I figured it was just bad luck. ***** The second year I decided he was having a bad day. ***** The third year was starting to really disappoint me. ***** By the fourth I was googling neurological problems. ***** And the fifth year?! I was just pissed! *****

I mean, come on! How hard is it for one day a year to buy fresh flowers, a meaningful card, and chocolates?!

I'm not even that hard to please! I will be happy with a bouquet picked from our backyard and a Hershey bar!
To celebrate today's Holiday of Love, I want to share with you my Husband's all time fails at Valentine…

Night To Shine...A Moms Point of View

Being a mother to special needs kids is both rewarding beyond measure and terrifying at the same time. There are so many "What ifs?", "Will he ever?", and "Will she be able to?"
Knowing that your child may miss out on some of life's milestones can be heartbreaking.
Let me introduce to you my son, Chad, who is fixing to turn 19. He is full of life, personality, and tenacious! He, also, will probably never drive a car and never completely support himself independently.

He was born with a translocation of chromosomes 10 and 22. Basically, what that means is that those two chromosomes swapped some genetic material and lost some genetic material. We have joked around as a family that the lost genetic material is in his one toe that hangs down farther than the rest LOL!
Is there a name for his condition? No, but we call it Chad Syndrome. Was it genetic? No, as his parents, we were tested. His genes just decided to do their own thing, much like Chad does!