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21 Fun Activities on a Snowday When it is Too Cold to Play in the Snow

Some of the most treasured words in a child's life is that phrase...Tomorrow is a snow day, no school.
Here in South MS, we seldom hear those words! But this winter has brought us not one, but two beautiful snowfalls!
However, as a snow event usually does, it brought along with it a lot of ice and well below normal temps with it.
The first snowfall was magical and beautiful, 6 inches here at our house! The temperature was mild, the sun was out and we enjoyed playing in it all day!

The second, was not so much fun.
It rained for hours before the snow arrived and was bitterly cold. It, also, had a huge North wind bringing the wind chills down to below 0!
Well, needless to say because of this schools were shut down and we were stuck at home.
No building a ⛄ for us, just too cold!
So, I turned on my Ninja Mama skills and came up with some fun activities, to make the days still memorable for the kids! And I wanted to share them with you.
Here we go!
Make paper snowflakesBake cookies and…

Its an Inside Campout Party!

The week after the Christmas holidays is always such a crazy hectic time for us. The kids return to school and struggle getting back on schedule. I, too, have a hard time setting that alarm clock and not just sleeping in.
The week is exhausting physically and mentally. The weekend can not get here fast enough! I'm sure most of you can relate, right?! To top off that exhausting week, my husband has an annual overnight trip out of town.
The first year that this came up, the kids were devastated, as was I! After the week we just had, I have to handle the weekend by myself, too?!

Now, my kids are in tears (and I am close!) and I need to get back in control quick. So, I asked was there anything special that they would like to do while Daddy is gone. They both light up, stop the tears, and reply enthusiastically, "Camping!"
Really?! I mean, REALLY?!
First off, it's the 2nd week of January and my toes haven't thawed out since Christmas because of the cold. 

Secondly, …