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The Ultimate One-Stop Shop, 49 Antique & Flea Market

You can find flea markets scattered all over the South. Some are warehouse size, some small, some cater to antiques only, some to homemade goods and resale items. But the one I revisited recently caters to everyone and has everything! All under one roof!

Right here just south of Hattiesburg, MS, stands the 49 Antique & Flea Market. Now this is your ultimate one-stop shop where you can find something for everyone (including yourself!) on your list!

The market has been a fixture here for years, and hosts a multitude of various vendors, over 200!

It is located at 19 Dewitt Carter Rd, directly across from Paul B. Johnson State Park on HWY 49. Nearby is Camp Shelby and a little further south would be our beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast. 

Open hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am - 5pm. Plan on spending a couple of hours, so you can see and visit with all the wonderful vendors on site! And don't worry if you get hungry or need some coffee, there is a cafe inside (I've been told you have to try their chicken soup!) 

If that wasn't enough to convince you to visit, here are some more reasons.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Booths
  • Air Conditioned/Heated Indoors
  • Free Parking
  • Cafe Inside
  • Clean Restrooms

Convinced yet? Well, let me share my fun adventure with you and I'm sure you will be yelling "Road Trip!" very soon!

My fun began before I even entered the building! Look at this massive porch, after all who doesn't love a Southern cozy front porch?!

Let's go inside and explore! Upon opening the old country door, Santa greeted me and beckoned me inside.

Once inside, the office personnel welcomed me as I looked around taking it all in. I've got to tell you, I loved meeting the wonderful management and the vendors, as well. Southern hospitality abounds! 

Just before entering the full market, The Amish Store sits on the left. This is full of delectables, such as mixes, jellies, cane syrup, candy, soaps, toys, and gifts! The Amish Store can be found on Facebook and on their website

Now, I'm ready to enter the market!

I've been to a lot of flea markets, and this one is so spacious! Just take a look at these isles! Even as more visitors came in, there was plenty of room for me to look, visit, and explore without bumping into people or booth items. 

Most of the vendors were there, but don't worry if they aren't. You can just take your item to purchase to the office in the front to pay. I bought several items to purchase up front. Matter of fact, my arms were loaded down! Take my advice and grab a basket on your way in! But the booths with vendors present were my favorites. I loved the down home conversations and that personal attention to my shopping.

The Walkers were a couple that had me entertained and delighted as I browsed their booth. I found stocking stuffers for the whole family, and some beautiful lights that are going to be hanging in my dining room! The deals they offered were too good to pass up, and I quickly spent $7. However, it was well spent with 11 stocking stuffers, a teaching CD for my daughter and new lights! They even had some beautifully embroidered hankerchiefs, if you have a Grandmother who loves them, as mine did.

Just a few booths down, I came upon these marvelously carved wooden toys. Aren't they fantastic?! And the adorable couple make them by hand! 

The last vendor I spent some "time" with was the Watch Man (see what I did there?!)
His name is John Whittington and he is the owner of It's About Time 49. He was quite the character, and I enjoyed meeting him immensely. You can, also, find him on Facebook.

It wasn't until later, as I was checking out his Facebook page that I realized he is the Minister who directs the Market's worship service every Sunday. Yes, that's right. This market hosts a "Come as You Are" service every week! I told you that you can find something for everyone here, didn't I!

More information about the HWY 49 Outreach Ministry can be found on their Facebook page.

(Picture credit to HWY 49 Outreach Ministry)

Before I wrap my visit up, I want to share a few more pics of the variety of items that can be found here in this unique market.

By the end of my visit, I had spent about $30 in all. I was very excited to be going home with several books, numerous DVD movies, a wooden sign, the stocking stuffers, more gifts, and my new lights. It was such a good day!

I truly hope you enjoyed reading about my fun filled afternoon at The 49 Antique & Flea Market. I know I had a ball and will be returning very soon. If you decide to see this wonderful market yourself, maybe I'll be there. If so, I will be at the cafe trying some of that soup!

For booth reservations or more information about the 49 Antique & Flea Market, please call (601) 583-4554. You really need to check out their website and Facebook page, as well. Be sure to watch the video of the 6 sisters spontaneously breaking into song! It is absolutely breathtaking! You never know what you are going to find at a flea market!

For more of my Southern Blessed Chaos adventures, follow me!

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