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Insanely Easy (and cheap) HALLOWEEN Costumes

Halloween costumes can be quite expensive! Wow, have you been shopping for one yet?!

As a mom with a very tight budget, I am always on the lookout for an easier and cheaper option!

Halloween is a blast for the kids and they can celebrate it in style without breaking your wallet!

Here are a few ideas to save some change for all those glorious bake sales that are springing up this time of year!


White T-shirt
Red or black vest
Red sash
Red bandana
Play foam sword
Solo cup
Play hook

This was so much fun to create!

I painted stripes onto a plain white T-shirt (actually, I stole that white T-shirt from his Daddy's drawer! Shhhh, don't tell!)

Next, I found some black girls capri pants and a man's reversible muscle T on a summer clearance rack.

As you can see, I cut up the pants and the bottom of the white shirt to look ragged.

I cut a vest out of the reversible men's shirt! All that was left was a red bandana around his head (which he refused to wear!), a sash made easily using the leftover men's shirt scraps, and the play sword and hook! 

Argghhh, Matey!

Fluttershy, My Little Pony

Yellow pants
Pink shirt
TuTu skirt
Extra mesh
Dollar store butterfly wings
Pony headband

If you have a young girl, you know who Fluttershy is! Yes, I know more about My Little Pony characters than I do current world events!

But isn't this costume precious? And super easy!

I modified the tutu by adding more mesh and tulle into it creating a flowing tail.

The wings, also, had additional tulle and mesh applied just to make them stand out more.

The headband I picked up at an accessory store for next to nothing.

And, don't forget her cutie mark! It is painted on her face with makeup. Add glitter and girl and you are done!

Little Old Man or Grandpa

Walker or cane
Hair safe white hairspray color
Baby powder

This is one of my son's favorites!

You can find all these items at a thrift shop or borrow from a friend.

It doesn't show really well in the pic but you can add baby powder to your hair, along with a white hair safe spray to make it look gray!

Girl on Fire, Katniss from Hunger Games

Black cargo pants
Brown jacket
Plastic knife
Black or brown boots

This is one of my all time favorites and my daughter's!

The clothes she already had, so that was easy.

She, also, already owned the bow and arrows and although she wore the arrow sling, I didn't allow her to take any arrows with her.

We braided her hair and painted flames on her face with makeup. The back of the jacket helped to create the "girl on fire" concept.

I added red, orange, brown, and yellow mesh and pinned it to the back. Then took my scissors and cut it looking like flames flowing behind her.

She looked amazing!

Add the bow, tuck the plastic knife into her boot, and she is ready to go!

Book Nerd

Big shirt
Old fashioned glasses with tape at center
A lot of pens
Pocket protector
Knee high socks

Another one that is so simple but so adorable!

Taking the large shirt (yet another one I stole from Daddy!), button it up crooked.

Add the pocket protector and pens in the pocket of the shirt (bonus points if you make an ink stain below the pocket!).

Make an even hair part and put it pigtails or braids. Have her grab her glasses and dictionary and she's headed off to the library!

So, with a little creativity and a trip to the local thrift shop, your child can stand out from the crowd on Halloween night!

Happy Halloween!

Look for an upcoming post, Part 2- Even More DIY Costumes! Coming soon!

Check out all the thrifty and fun Party and Holiday Ideas!

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